Alpen Pro Hss 2.5mm Drill Din 338 Rn 135 Split Point Plastic Wallet (

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ø 2.5 x 57/30 mm

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HSS twist drill ground from solid, special split point. Bright finish:
toughness and precision combined with excellent cutting efficiency for drilling alloyed carbon and plain steel.

From professionals for professionals

Discerning craftsmen set great store by high-quality tools that deliver perfect results.
We are continuously tweaking our innovations so you can achieve faster drilling results for longer. That has more than paid for itself in the new ALPEN Pro.
In addition to a reduced center web and an optimized drill core it also features a tip angle of 135 degrees with C-shaped split point.
The benefit to you? Even faster drilling times and a drill that lasts you twice as long as others. They are what make the ALPEN Pro a trustworthy partner you can always rely on.


  • Special split point selfcentering, no center punching required, less feed pressure needed
  • Tight tolerances and high rotational accuracy
  • Precision ground, high quality steel grade
  • Even faster thanks to a split point
  • Double service life

Alpen drill bits are manufactured in Austria.

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